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October 15, 2021

Sarcopenia is an age related condition - characterized by a decrease of muscle mass & size, relative weakness, lack of endurance, and poor balance. Insufficient physical activity, other heath related issue, nutrition and other factors increase the rate of muscle loss that occurs with age. Sarcopenia - if left untreated can eventually influence the quality of life and lead to disability. NOBL Nutrition - is implementing the project: “Innovative application of biologically active elements for cardiovascular support and prevention of sarcopenia - a project of Healthy Aging”.  

This project is dedicated to create a supplement that will involve application of innovative biologically active substances for prevention of cardiovascular insufficiency and slow down processes related to muscle mass - i.e. sarcopenia.

The research results of the project are discussed in scientific publications available here

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Here at NOBL NUTRITION we strongly believe that science should meet practical application. Out team of scientific developers works closely with national athletes and industry practitioners to deliver products and formulations that make the difference. 


Click here to see what products have been already developed and are ready for distribution and what is being developed at the moment.

We strongly believe that improvement is the key factor, because the biggest room in the world is the room for improvement. Hence we continuously reinvent and revise our products, does not matter how standard or popular they are. Bran chain amino acids (BCAA), WHEY protein concentrates and other supplements have been out there for decades - but we strongly believe  - WE CAN DO BETTER. That is why we are in constant search for better ingredients, cleaner solutions, better digestibility and superior results for our end users. Represented by our MISSION statement - "Cleaner is better" our products are based on simple, yet effective formulations to get the best results.



People who make it happen, create test and develop. 

We are located in Lithuania, the geographical center of Europe, EU’s Most Educated Country (91.3 % of the Lithuanian population aged 25 to 64 had a secondary or higher education in 2009). These two factors combined give our clients a significant advantage: better price (due to shorter logistic routes) & exceptional quality control. With faster processes, responsive decision-makers and less red tape, with NOBL Nutrition you’ll have more time to focus on what matters to you. The talent to drive your BRAND forward, and a streamlined business ecosystem that is quick and flexible, all available at costs that will maximize return on your investment. From competitive personnel costs to lower outlays on transport, raw material and overheads, Lithuania gives you the quality you need at the costs you want.


We are based in Lithuania - probably the greenest place in Europe.

Lithuania sits quite literally at the heart of Europe. The country is ranked 1st in the CEE region in the Green City Index. Lithuania has a long, established history of providing ecologic and organic alternatives across a wide range of products, from everyday consumables to beauty products and organic medicines. Agricultural land covers 70% of Lithuania, which means the cows that produce the milk used for protein production are free-range, grass-fed and produce higher-quality, more nutritious, better-tasting dairy. We are amongst the top countries in the world that provide high quality, pure and natural protein and other health-related products. With generations of family-owned farmers looking after these cow herds, they are able to provide a level of care and expertise not found in large factory farms. It's no wonder that with our products satisfaction is guaranteed.

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The benefit of location & highly qualified people

Lithuania offers the highest quality talent, ranking alongside Germany and Ireland and ahead the Netherlands, France and the Czech Republic for ease of doing business. Yet production costs are around 20% of those in Germany, and highly competitive within the region. Which means that you can both - good price without compromising on quality.

Strict EU regulations and standards apply to all products and services produced in Lithuania.

  • Klaipėda ice-free seaport is the largest port in the Baltic states, handling up to 47 million tons of cargo annually 

  • Rail cargo services directly connect Lithuania to Russia, Belarus, Latvia, Poland, Germany, Ukraine and Asia (including China) 

  • 3 international airports, all offering access to key European locations in 2-3 hours

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